Loading from a Previous Save: A Return from Hiatus

Hey everyone!

There has been a couple false starts within the last few years, and there is no excuse to have gone dark for so long. For any of those long term readers still out there, quite a bit has changed since my undergrad days when I was blogging on a regular basis. For everyone else, this post can serve as a bit of an introduction. Finally, to every set of eyes reading this, thank you for giving me a bit of your attention. I can’t promise much over the good ole internet, but I’m always down for more friends. If you read until the bottom, leave a comment, and we can bond over all my typos.

My name is Steven Capps, and I am a fantasy writer living in South Carolina. I moved down here from the cornfield region of the midwest and took a job as a 6th and 7th grade English teacher. Without a doubt, that was the hardest thing I had ever done. To all you teachers out there, you deserve twice the pay and at least three extra prep periods.

“My name is Steven Capps, and this is blatant attempt at SEO.”

I finished my undergrad with a B.A. in English with a concentration in Writing at the American Military University and have been seriously writing since my days as a student. From penning blog posts as a hobby and pantsing an awful zombie novel, I moved to working as freelance writer, interning as a slush reader with PodCastle, and am now managing social media for the South Carolina Army National Guard. I love writing. I love reading. And most of all, I love the fantasy genre.

In the past, this site was devoted to my personal musings on writing. Just looking at my old posts makes me cringe, but rather than delete them all, I figured I’ll let everyone the chance to shame me if they so please. Back on subject, I realized no one wants to hear me talk about something that I never really had the street cred to be talking about. Occasionally, I’ll still post about writing, but from now own those posts are intended as one way, not the way.

Instead of this being a writing blog, I want it to reflect me. And being that I have a 2-dimensional personality that means its going to be all fantasy. If you have a love for tabletop gaming, fantasy books and movies, or just want to check out my crack-pot fan theories, then hit that follow button on the right side of the screen. If you’re here to bond as writers, I got you. If you’re lost and somehow still reading this blog, you’re my kind of people.

Instead of this being a writing blog, I want it to reflect me.

Really, I just want a chill spot to post something most people will never see. For the few of you that do, you’re awesome. I’m more than serious about asking you to comment. I might not respond right now, but I definitely want to connect. In the words of my favorite loan shark,

“Us fiery types gotta stick together.” -Devi, The Name of the Wind

Thanks for reading everyone, and if you’re not too busy next week, check back in! In the meantime, Patrick Rothfuss said it best. May all your stories be glad ones, and your roads be smooth and short!

6 thoughts on “Loading from a Previous Save: A Return from Hiatus

  1. Hey Steven! It sounds like in all that time you’ve been incredibly busy and keeping at your dreams and goals, so good on ya, mate! 🙂 Welcome back to the blogosphere and fantasy world all its own. I did geek out a little at the Devi quote. I need to finish reading that series! 🙂

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      1. She is! She needs her own books. 🙂

        I happened to have your blog post pop in my email over the weekend and had to see what you’ve been up to. I’m not as steady at blogging as I should be. I’m just writing, doing graphic design, book covers, and interior formatting for authors, and still running #BlogBattle but on a its on blog page. We only do a once-monthly prompt now. That’s about it. Unless I’ve forgotten something, which is not out of the realm of the possible! 🙂

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