A First Timer’s Review of DragonCon

Hey friends! I hope everyone has been having a an awesome time! I know I missed last week’s post, and honestly there is no excuse. The reasoning is that with teaching, taking care of a two-year old, writing, and exercising, I only have enough time for about 6 hours of sleep, but still. I enjoy blogging, and I feel bad when I don’t update at least once a week.

Anyway, this post will likely be pretty short, especially compared to some of my past ones, but I wanted to throw it out there anyway. I must say that this is just my opinion and is not meant to bash anyone else’s. Without further ado, here is my review of DragonCon 2017.

First Timer’s Review of DragonCon 2017


It should be noted that I did not buy a full day pass. Due to budget and childcare constraints I only purchased a Saturday membership and only had a single to experience the wonders of DragonCon.

First, above any other convention that I have went to, DragonCon had some of the best cosplays that I had seen. There were tons of con-goers and it seemed that mostly everyone wore some kind of costume.

While the costumes were cool, the crowds were not.

It was packed. I understand that I went on the busiest day, but all of the people made it frustrating to move at all in the con. This shouldn’t really be viewed as a negative, but more as something to consider if you ever decide to go.

An unwanted side-effect of the mass of people is that lines are long, and you can’t really stop anywhere. The exhibitors hall is more of a river of bodies rather than a place to browse, and if you are not careful, you can easily get separated from anyone that isn’t holding on to your person.

DragonCon also is a bit confusing to navigate. The entire con takes place over several hotels at once and finding the exact panel that you want, is frustrating at best. During my entire afternoon, I was only able to see a single panel that I planned too. I jumped in to a couple of others, (which were decent) but no where near as good as WorldCon.

The best part of DragonCon was the BarCon. While this might not be great for those who don’t know anyone, I had a couple friends who were able to introduce me to some other industry professionals and it ended up being a grand night.

Overall, I probably will not go to DragonCon again, and will rather save my money for WorldCon.

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