3 Tiers of Writing (Podcast with Editor Brian Paone)

3 Tiers of Writing (Podcast with Editor Brian Paone)


In this week’s episode of Slush Puppies, my guest, Brian Paone (the Chief Editor of Scout Media) gives some insights into his submission process and highlights the elements of a killer story. In addition to publishing, Brian is a published novelist and runs the Fiction Writing group which currently has just over 24,000 members.

If you are interested in joining realize that it is almost impossible to use this group for self-promotion. No buy links, no links to personal blogs, nothing resembling an advertisement unless you have special permission. This group only focuses on writers talking to each other about the craft, industry, and their work, and of all the Facebook writer’s group I’ve been a part of, it is by far my favorite.

Slush Puppies E2: 3 Tiers of Writing with Brian Paone


Thanks for listening and since I’ve decided to split the podcast posts from the blog posts, you can expect at least two updates every week instead of the previous one. I hope you are having a wonderful day, and if you want to read about my awful first paragraphs as I discussed in the podcast make sure to hit the follow button or subscribe to my newsletter. Thanks for listening and good luck with your writing.

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2 thoughts on “3 Tiers of Writing (Podcast with Editor Brian Paone)

  1. Anybody can be “chief editor” of his own crappy basement small “press.” Paone is such a fraud. Seriously, nothing but a hack riding on the backs of people way more talented than him. Ya’all need to quit with this BS.


    1. So I am actually wanting to know, what makes him fraud? I have seen numerous small presses that don’t even pay the writers. What exactly has he done to warrant this response?


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