Writing Lessons from the World Series (Reblog from Dan Alatorre)

Last night’s game was insane. While watching it, I commented several times that no book or movie had ever made me feel the same sort of tension. Dan Alatorre has written a great post on how a writer can apply the same elements to drive tension and drama in a story. If you haven’t followed his blog, you are definitely missing out. wood-sport-football-rugby

You don’t have to be a Cubs fan to have enjoyed last night’s World Series, you nonsports fans. (Read on, there’s a lesson for you here.) You don’t have to be a baseball fan, either. You don’t even have to be a sports fan. Last night was an example of DRAMA and TENSION – and […]

via The Writing Tips You Should Have Learned At The World Series, Nonsports Fans Writers — Dan Alatorre – AUTHOR

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