Remedies for Writer’s Block

We’ve all experienced it. We sit at our desks, fire up our laptops, and stare at a blinking cursor. We want to write, but nothing seems to flow. I am definitely not an expert, and I know that everyone is different but here are a few things that help me push through that writing wall.

Establish a Routine: When I want to write, I make myself some coffee, open up a notebook, and try to get in the mindset of writing. I have a few other steps, but overall they don’t matter. If you can set up a specific routine before you write, it can prime your brain for the task. Then, whenever you start typing your brain is ready to go.

Read: I know that this seems like a no brainer, but I have noticed if I get so wrapped up in writing, I will often not make time to read as well. Eventually, my writing starts to stagnant and I lose interest. I’ve noticed that when I read awesome books, it makes me want to write. Perhaps, reading might be enough to refill your creative well.

Exercise: Working my body relieves a lot of stress from everyday life. If I am not stressed, then it is easier to focus and thus makes it easier to write.

Have a Spot: This works well with a routine, but by having a specific place can help your brain prepare for the activity. Ideally, I try to write upstairs on my desk, but more importantly I cannot have any sorts of distractions around me. I can’t focus if someone is trying to talk to me, and having the TV on will pull my attention way from my work.

Satisfy Needs: Writing requires a lot of mental effort. If you are hungry or tired, it will be much harder to maintain that focus. Try to come into writing rested and prepared.

Though most non-writers will scoff, writing is exhausting work. Typing day-after-day can stretch the mind thin, and make it hard to focus on anything. When you are at this point, it might be wise to take a day’s rest. Ultimately, you still need to write and sometimes you just have to drag yourself through the suck and just get the words on paper. Revision is always needed and it doesn’t care if you wrote those three thousand words in an hour or month.

2 thoughts on “Remedies for Writer’s Block

  1. We have very similar methods. Coffee for me is always a first, then open the notebook which corresponds to the w.i.p., I have a thing for notebooks lol. Read; I have a paperback on the go just now and a kindle. I also find that watching a t.v. show that is in the genre that I write in helps a lot too. Especially for jazzing up jaded plots. Great post Steven.

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