An Intro to a Writer’s Platform

Hey guys, I hope everyone is having a fantastic day, and I really appreciated all the support that I received after my last post. I have been writing much more, and I do feel much better. Perhaps my recent bit of sadness was really withdrawals from writing. Regardless, I hope everyone enjoys this week’s post and I look forward to talking to you in the comments.

Once a writer has taken the first steps into the world of publishing, one of the early pieces of advice that they receive is, “start building your platform now,” but that response elicits a few other questions. “What is a platform, why do I need one, and how do I start?”

A platform is really an arbitrary term used to describe all of the ways that an author can approach an audience. Every book, short story, social media account, can be part of a platform. Think of it like a stage in which you can catch the attention of current and potential readers.

Without a platform, it becomes very hard to start any type of marketing campaign that will serve as the seed to the book’s future growth. Your platform is how you are first able to talk about your work, and where readers will most easily find you. Again, a platform is not simply a Facebook page, but rather every effort that you can use to garner attention.

A blog is wonderful way to start a platform. Most people who frequently read blogs are also willing to read a book in their free time, so it makes more sense to promote yourself to a target market that would be receptive to your product. A word of caution, do not shameless self-promote yourself. No one will read anything you have to say if it is just some variation of, “buy my book.”

Focus the content of your blog on a theme (for mine it is writing) and try to make it as genuinely helpful as possible. Even if you are not the best writer (like me) you can still draw an audience if the content of your work is helpful or insightful. If you can find some way to make your blog stand out from others, then you are on your way to success.

Try to find one or two areas where you focus the efforts (for me its my blog and Facebook) and use your other accounts to direct them to one of those. The more work that you are able to put in, the more benefits that you will receive. Having a personal touch is a must for the impersonal online communication.

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