Blueprint to Becoming a Bestseller

A blueprint is a bit  strong for this post’s description. Its more of like a guide that might, possibly, hopefully pay off in the end. Obviously, I’m not a bestseller so I would likely take everything that I’m going to say with as much weight as some witty simile about something not very important, but regardless this is my plan on how I want to become a New York Times Bestseller.

First, I say bestseller not because of the money but I feel that it is the highest guide that I can look to for success. Obviously, there are great writers who were never bestsellers, and there are terrible writers who are, but for the purpose of this post the goal is to become a bestseller.

In order to get there I have to take the goal, Become a New York Times Bestseller and break it into smaller chunks. After some quick jotting in my handy-dandy notebook, this is what I have come up with:


            Become a Master Writer

            Become a World-Class Storyteller

            Create a Massive Fan-base

            Have incredible people to help me


Each of these items are huge accomplishments on their own, but they are all necessary if I want to achieve my ultimate goal. In order to accomplish them, I have broken each even smaller, so I can have specific things to work on.

Become a Master Writer: Have extensive knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structure. Know how prose affects mood, clarity, and pacing. Develop a unique voice for my writing.

Become a World-Class Storyteller: Learn how to utilize character, plot, and setting to create engage tales that live on in the reader’s mind. Find creative ways to tell stories, and find stories that many people have not heard before.

Create a Massive Fan-Base: Write a high volume of work so fans can have plenty to read. Engage through social media, and treat every reader like my first.

Have incredible people help me: Connect with other industry professional online through my blog and social media, and network at Conventions, school, and any other writing related event that I can find.

One thought on “Blueprint to Becoming a Bestseller

  1. Love how you have broken this down, Steven. It works for me and should be printed out and stuck on my wall so I can see it every day to keep me focused. btw, I have been lucky enough to be published in a short story anthology by the Fantasy Writers Group, where we met. I`m made up.


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