You don’t “Want” to be a Writer

Writing is work. A writer is not some mystical artist who sits around waiting for their muse to punch them in the face. A writer wakes up, grabs their coffee, and after hours, days, or even weeks, drags their muse, kicking and screaming, into the chair with them. Writers do not have the luxury of saying, “I’m not in the mood,” because our time is precious. We have work and class and family all trying to tear attention away from the thing that can make our dreams become something more.

Anyone can say they want to write, but writers do it. Writers dredge through the typos, the cliches, and every draft of garbage, because writers want to do something more than want. They want to create. The motivation of a writer cannot be measured with money, success, or fame. It’s measured in a few tiny numbers next to their word count. People who want to be writers leave that count at zero. Writers never let it stop.

Writers search for knowledge and know they’re never good enough. Grit is the key to turning desire to work, but knowledge is how work becomes success. Writers scour the internet, attend classes, and beg others to tell them what they are doing wrong so that they can get better. A writer is not content with just creating. A writer wants to create perfection.

Though writers strive for perfection, the best know that perfection is an illusion. They chase the thing they know doesn’t exist so their stories continue to grow. A writer doesn’t need to get published, read, or even have their work admired. All a writer needs is to write.

4 thoughts on “You don’t “Want” to be a Writer

  1. This is exactly what I’m going through right now. Opened MS Word and started writing the words. Somehow, someway, I manage to pull it off and shape something readable. But I have to be more consistent from now on.

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