3 Reasons why you NEED to be Rejected

Hi there guys, I apologize for the week break since my last post. I have been on vacation in Florida and I have been spending more time at the beach than at my laptop. Aside from enjoying the wonderful weather, I have also picked up a new hobby (Magic the Gathering) and I have received a response from a magazine that I submitted a short story to.

The bad news is that the magazine rejected my short story, but the good news is that it was not a form rejection. The editor sent a personalized e-mail and highlighted areas of the story that she thought were strong as well as gave me some really usefully feedback. In this instance, I feel like I received three benefits from submitting my story, even though it was not accepted.

  1. This has served as a gauge to show where my writing is at compared to others. I have often read that a personalized rejection with feedback means that the editor liked your story enough that they want to try to make it better. If they believed that it had no hope, they wouldn’t waste their time giving feedback.
  2. It highlights a way to make my story stronger. Once I make the changes I need to, I believe that the story will be better, and thus have a better chance at getting published somewhere else.
  3. It helps me gain experience in the submission process. When it comes time to submit my novel length manuscript, I will have already submitted to numerous magazines. That will allow me to understand how the process goes and gain experience in creating query letters.

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful March, but I am going to head back out to the beach. Hopefully, tonight I can get some writing in.

4 thoughts on “3 Reasons why you NEED to be Rejected

  1. I live for my first real rejection. (I’m talking the writer kind.) I have yet to rise to the level of competence that my rejections carry any weight at all. Congrats (sort of) on being worthy of notice and advice.

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      1. I haven’t been that bold. I have submitted to some online contests–the biggest probably being The NYCMidnight. (Possibly a less-than professional site.) Local contests and that sort of thing. I’m just beginning to try this sort of test of nerve. Working my way up to the bigger league where pay might be involved.


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