Careers in Writing

Hey guys, I would guys that most of you either are or want to make a living through writing. Obviously, if you write a book and sell a million copies, you can make a great living through writing, but there are many careers that focus on writing that do not require you to become a bestselling author.

Reporter- This is a pretty common one, but you can talk to a local newspaper and become a freelance reporter. It is great way to earn some professional writing experience.

Copywriter- This is a hybrid of sales and writing. Copywriters create content to help sell a product. Copywriters can find a job through either digital or print platforms.

Public Relations- Businesses want to hire people who can communicate effectively through writing, so writers usually make a good fit.

Technical Writer- If you have a talent for explaining how something works, then technical writing might be for you. Technical writing involves writing manuals and pieces of literature that a company products.

Paralegal- If you have an interest in law, then a paralegal might a good fit. Pay is also a bit higher than other writing professions.

It is almost time for me to be back. I hope you guys have been having an awesome month. I hope you enjoyed reading and are having a great day.

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