Beta reading – It’s an amazing way to improve your writing

Hey guys, I would like to welcome one of my first writer friends, Eric Klingenberg, onto the blog once again. He has helped me more than any other single person with my manuscript, Fractured. Please check out his blog and hit the follow button so you can support him just as you have all supported me.

I was very flattered to be asked to beta read two books by fellow bloggers. To be honest I had an ulterior motive by reading theirs I was hoping they would do the same, which they have offered to do. It meant I got to read two books for free and also practise my editing skills. It has also had one very welcome but unexpected extra benefit. When I swapped my first chapter with another author they both came back with very similar comments we had both been making the same mistakes. The problems I had failed to notice on my book I had spotted easily in his.

I have since gone back over my work and seen it with new eyes, unfortunately very critical eyes, so lots more work to do! Like most of you my free time is very limited with family, work, blogging and writing but it has been worth taking time to beta read. If you get the chance, I would recommend you give it a go it’s amazing what you will learn.

12 thoughts on “Beta reading – It’s an amazing way to improve your writing

  1. Not so far, without giving anything away some of the characters do have a power similar to magic. My plan is when Steve becomes more relaxed with my editing I will sneak a few wands and broomsticks in, just don’t tell him.

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