How to Start a Blog Tour

Early last week, I had a conversation with a fellow writer on ideas to help market a book. I understand that this topic has been covered numerous times, but I wanted to focus on a single facet of the marketing approach this week. I believe that blog tours are a great way to expand a loyal readership for a new author.

Blogging runs the middle ground of personal communication and mass media.  By engaging readers through a blogging platform, you are more likely to find a loyal demographic than only running an advertisement for your product.  There are countless people on social media who do not read for pleasure. In order to be active in the blogging world, reading for pleasure is a necessity. This alone helps you find an audience who would be interested in a reading a novel.

Writing a guest post on another blog can be a fantastic way to reach a new group of readers. The host blogger will often give guidelines in regards to the topic and format of the post. If you are able to write a compelling article, then some of their readers will spill over onto your blog. When preparing for a book launch, guest posts can serve as a form of advertisement. The host blogger can introduce the guest and whatever book they are promoting.

The best way to use guest posts when you are trying to promote a book is to make every post a coordinated effort. Try to have a high volume of guest posts all publish within the same week, preferably the release week of the novel, and focus the bulk of other advertisements in that week as well. As readers respond to your posts, advertisements, and social media by purchasing your book then Amazon and other retailers will start to notice the spike in activity. This can cause websites to start pushing your title as they see it as a “Hot, New Product.”

The first week is all about maximum visibility. The subsequent weeks should involve having a steady presence that is not overwhelming but able to remind readers that your novel exists. The goal of this part of the blog tour is to convert the impressions made in the first week into sales.

Approaching other writers about posting on their blog is fairly informal. Most will respond to a comment that you leave on their site. I would recommended just using comments to inquire if they would be interested in having you as a guest. If they would like to have you, continue the rest of the conversation through email.

One way to eliminate the need to individually query people as to writing for their blog is to build a mailing list full for people who have already hosted you. This also works for those willing to host you. When it is time for you to do a new release, you can send out a mass email asking for blogging opportunities and then follow up each response individually.

I hope that you all enjoyed this week’s A Bit of Business. If anyone is interested in writing a guest post on this blog, S.T. Capps, please send me an email at If you would like to join a mailing list designed specifically for organizing blog tours, you can follow this link and sign up for the Blog Tour Network.


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