8 Tips to Market a Book

Hi there fellow Bloggers, I have had a crazy weekend due to my military obligations so I was unable to get this post up yesterday. I hope you forgive the delay, and I hope you enjoy this week’s A Bit of Business. 

8 Tips to Market a Book

Marketing requires its own type of mind but can be fun once you get the hang of it. One of the best parts of being a Financial Representative was closing on a sale. There were certain tips that can make the sale more likely.  A new writer must struggle through the sea of other authors just to get a chance at earning a reader.

Know your Audience

Understand the type of people that your work would appeal to. Plugging your new novel on your personal Facebook feed might earn a few readers from family and friends but many of the people who would see it may not read for pleasure.  Brainstorm groups of people who are likely to be interested in your work before you become the shameless self-promoter.

Create a Platform 

This is similar to becoming involved, but rather than reaching out to others the writer is making a place for people to find him/her. Start with a blog or Facebook page and create content that is entertaining and helpful to a your target market. Readers will follow your platform and be more apt to buy your work if they already know you from somewhere else.

Become Involved

This is the most straightforward of all of the tips to help a writer sell their book. Becoming involved with a community of people of similar interests allows writers to connect with a potential reader at a personal level. These connections might be the sole factor on why they will give a new author a chance. If the book is fantastic, then this can start word-of-mouth advertisement.

Be Memorable

Don’t find a gimmick, but find a way to stand out. Whether it is from visibility, humor, quality, or any other reason, find a way to stay in a reader’s mind. If they recognize your name then they are more likely to give you the chance that you need.

Go Offline

Do not limit your marketing strategies to only the Internet. Attend conventions, workshops, and other groups in order to learn about the craft of writing while finding people who might take a look at your work. Go to a local independent bookstore and try organizing an event at their location. Get the workers excited so they can plug your product to their customers.

Have a Pitch 

Whenever a writer talks about their book, a prospective reader’s first question is, “What is about?” Have a pitch memorized that tells basic details in an enticing way. If it catches their attention, let them have a quick and easy way to make a purchase.  Business cards that include your platform’s URL and websites that are selling your book are an easy solution to this problem.

Write a Series

If you write a series (let’s say a trilogy) and fans start to read through the entire thing, then you not only earned a fan for your book but a fan for you as an author. If you have three books in a series all released as ebooks, it might help to keep the first one free. People are more likely to download it and if they like it enough they will buy the second and third book to see what happens next. I would only suggest doing a permanent free download if you have at least two, if not three books already released for that series. You are taking a loss on the first novel, so you need to make that capital up with the others.

Refine Your Craft

The best way to get readers is to have word-of-mouth advertising. Word-of-mouth only comes when you have fantastic quality in your work. It is far more likely that a reader will rave about a book they love than many other products that are used in daily life.

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    1. Well thank you! I apologize about being all over the place for the posts. I try to make a post centered on the business of writing every Monday and one focused on the craft of writing on Wednesday. Fridays are when I have guest bloggers make a post on any tip that they want to.


      1. I’ve been in and out of post-sec education for the past few years and I think there’s really an unfortunate lack of formal education in the business of self-publishing/writing (or arts and general) so I always appreciate finding more stuff like this

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